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Hilo digital

The Digital Thread represents the collection of product data digitally connected to form a single, contiguous definition of all value-added decisions made during a product’s journey. This includes the requirements management, design of the product, its configuration, manufacturing and repair processes, logistics, and operational support. The Digital Thread provides a single reference point for the design, engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket departments, enabling them to act in concert. The key benefit of enabling the Digital Thread helps organization save a lot of time and efforts as it aids the following

  • Provides the right information, at the right place, and the right time
  • Data is fed only once and its flows across systems per the process defined.
  • Eliminates manual re-entry; eliminates errors
  • Digital handover is structured, revision and lifecycle controlled
  • Provides end to end traceability of product information; helps determine root causes in case of issues
  • Product Ideation Management

Sconce can help companies implement the entire digital thread right from product requirements management till obsolescence management across enterprise platforms to address the overall business vision.

Digital Thread Services

  • Requirements Management
  • Prototype Management
  • Detailed Design – Mechanical & Electrical
  • Detailed Design – Embedded Software
  • MechaSofTronic BOM Management
  • BOM Transformation (eBom, mBom, pBom, sBom)
  • Date, Serial and Lot Number Effectivity
  • Product Configurations (As-Designed, As-Manufactured, As-Service)
  • Product Test Data Management
  • Enterprise Change (CR, CN, Waivers, Deviations) Management
  • Product Quality (Complaints, NC, CAPA, Audits) Management
  • Manufacturing Process Planning
  • Release to Manufacturing (RTM) Process
  • Service Parts Management
  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Project Management
  • Internal and External Collaboration
  • Closed Loop Change Management Processes
  • Closed Loop Quality Management Processes

Valor clave ofrecido

  • Industry / Domain oriented end-to-end solutions
  • Lower cost due to rationalized resource model