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Envision the power of shape-based search solutions for today’s manufacturers

“The Power of Shape” eBook from Enfinio, Inc. explains how shape search technology is solving engineering, part management and part proliferation issues.

Among the significant challenges facing manufacturer’s today are inconsistent parts databases, Insufficient re-use of existing designs and part proliferation of designs and inventories.

“Our shape-based search solution is formed around a simple, inspirational and disruptively productive idea.” explains Robert Chapdelaine, VP and General Manager for Enfinio. “For many types of search, shape-based search can convey the most precise context and therefore the most accurate and useful results. Shape-Based search is name-less. Language and complex file naming conventions are not required. Our shape based search technology delivers high value solutions to the part and vendor proliferation problems found in large manufacturing companies today.”Significant challenges facing manufacturers:

Inconsistent Parts Databases: Poor or lack of part standardization, combined with inconsistent file naming discipline across a growing library of parts

Insufficient Re-Use of Existing Designs: An inability to locate and re-use existing designs

Parts Proliferation of Designs and Inventories: The accumulation of parts (both digital designs and physical parts)

These issues can result in needless cost and lost productivity across the enterprise. Enfinio has published a free eBook entitled “The Power of Shape” to explain more about shape-based search solutions.

According to Enfinio, Inc., CEO Meyyappan Annamalai, “The growth in the shape based technology market and our recent success with acquiring new, exciting, large customers, has us excited about the opportunities ahead. Through the launch of our new Enfinio website and tools like the ‘Power of Shape’ eBook we are sharing our knowledge of shape-based search and its game-changing potential.”

Enfinio, Inc. is incorporated in the USA and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Enfinio focuses on the development, sale, marketing and support of SBS!, a powerful new software technology for shape based classification and search.


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