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形状に基づく検索は無名です。スペル、言語、およびファイルの命名規則は必要ありません。 SBSのテクノロジーは、製品データの最もユビキタスで正確かつ直感的な検索キーです。 SBSは、会社全体で部品と製品の類似性分析を可能にすることにより、製品開発プロセスを強化します。


       It’s faster to just design a new part rather than search for the part.


  • A new part takes many, many more hours past the original design time PLUS proliferation of parts and database.



  • 新製品の開発
  • 分類と部品の標準化
  • 部品の増殖/データのクリーニング
  • ソーシングとサプライチェーン管理


  • 重複および類似のパーツを特定する。
  • パーツデータを整理して有用なカタログに分類します。
  • 強力で直感的な形状検索機能を提供します。
  • 効果的な意思決定を可能にするためのデータの分析とレポート。
  • 単一の類似性ベースのシステムでデータをさらにフィルタリングおよび統合するための、外部属性ベースのシステムへの統合。

Industry Insights

CIMdata – 3D Geometric Search

Many new products are designed using the 3D models of existing products as a starting point; reusing and adapting pre-existing parts. The emerging technology of 3D geometric search fits into a company’s process best when the designer needs more than a text search to find a needed model.

Download White Paper [PDF]

Aberdeen – The Design Reuse Benchmark Report

Design reuse. The idea is simple. Take past designs and repurpose them into new ones. The benefit? Starting with an already completed design allows engineers to avoid starting from scratch.

Download White Paper [PDF]

Featured Publication

The Parts Standardization and Management Committee: Reduce Program Costs Through Parts Management

The goal of parts management is to improve the operational readiness and reduce life-cycle costs by promoting the use of common, widely available, reliable parts and processes.

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eBook: The Power Of Shape

The Power Of Shape: Challenges and Solutions for Engineering & Manufacturing Part Data Management

Part Proliferation of Designs and Inventories is a significant challenge. This free eBook explains the shape-based search solution.

Download eBook

SBS! Brochure

SBS! – Shape-Based Search System

SBS! is a shape-based search technology which provides a unique and highly productive solution to the data proliferation problems found amongst major manufacturers today.

Download the Brochure